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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Welcome - First ever post

Hi everyone, my name is Tyler and i will tell you now that i used to be really quite large when i was younger, even up to the age of sixteen/seventeen when i was exersising almost everyday i still had some real anxiety problems due to my size.
There were times when i wanted to give up exercising because it didnt seem to be getting anywhere, but thanks to my parents i kept at it and the weight did go.

And even now i am really glad i did stick at it. It may have been hard work and still is, but i asure you that those moments that you see yourself in the mirror are really worthwhile, even if it doesnt seem like it will.

Now the there are obviously going to be better sports at burning the calories AND toning than others, and the top three are as follows
3. Swimming
2. Gymnastics
1. Ballet
Now i know that there are drawbacks to all of them and of course ballet may not appeal to everyone, but if you can swim then i would seriously recommend it because you are using so many different muscles when swimming which tones them and burns the calories faster.


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